Learn more about Post 53 Sunday and meet the new officers


Darien Times, Thursday, September 30, 2010

The new Officers and director of Darien EMS Post 53, Ron Hammer invite you to visit the headquarters on Sunday, October 3rd between noon and 3, and meet the leadership of Post. It's a time to ask any questions, learn about community service as an Emergency Medical Provider and get a tour from a Postie.

Post 53 welcomes six Darien High School seniors to lead them this year. Each of these officers is elected to their position by the entire Post membership for displaying exceptional skill, leadership, and commitment to Post 53. 

The Elected Officers for 2010-2011 are Grant Nelson President, Jamie McEwan Vice President of Operations, Gerianne Connell Vice President of Training, Katherine Matson Vice President of Programming, Claire Streeter Secretary, and Kevin Cassidy Treasurer. 

As the president of Post 53, Grant is in charge of overseeing all aspects of Post. He runs both the weekly membership meetings and weekly officers meetings. Grant is expected to represent and lead the entire young adult membership as well as work with the adult leadership. Jamie, as VP of Operations, oversees all aspects of Post involving the ambulances, including maintenance and driver training.  Gerianne Connell as VP of Training is in charge of keeping all Post members up to date on their training requirements, as well as running the first-aid classes and helping out with EMT class. Katherine Matson as VP Programming is in charge of community and Post events such as the Memorial Day Food Fair.

As secretary, Claire Streeter records the minutes of every Post meeting and keeps the record of Post member EMS certifications. Treasurer Kevin Cassidy handles all the money of Post and helps to keep the organization on budget.  These six elected officers are joined by the other Post members overseeing all aspects of Post including scheduling, supplies, fundraising, headquarters maintenance inside and out, community events, community training and publicity.