Darien EMS has three fully equipped, staffed ambulances which run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The organization operates under the strict medical direction and protocols of The Stamford Hospital, its Medical Control Hospital. Doctors from Stamford Hospital help train Posties and all calls are reviewed for quality assurance by the Quality Assurance Director at Stamford Hospital. This review includes not only patient care, but response and on-scene times.BikevsCar7_PutonStretcher1

Darien uses an outstanding stair-step response system that starts with first responders; Advanced EMTs (a higher level EMT) who respond in a fly car, along with the Darien Police and one of the three outstanding Darien fire departments when necessary. They are quickly followed by the ambulance and, when necessary, paramedics from Stamford EMS.

Stamford EMS has been providing paramedic services for Darien residents for 12 years.  These paramedics, who respond to Darien, are normally stationed at the Glenbrook Fire Department, approximately one mile from Post 53 headquarters.  The paramedics who cover Darien are selected on their medical excellence as well as their ability to work with the adults and young adults of Post 53.

Dr. Dorothy Turnbull, is an Emergency Room physician at The Stamford Hospital, and a Darien EMS-Post 53 Board of Directors member.  Dr. Turnbull notes, “Darien’s highly trained personnel, their outstanding stair step response system including advanced EMTs, the Darien Police as first responders, and close proximity to Stamford EMS and Norwalk EMS paramedics when needed, and the Stamford and Norwalk Hospitals, provide excellent medical treatment. As a resident of Darien and a doctor, I sleep well at night knowing the Darien EMS system is solid, totally integrated with surrounding town resources, and ready to respond.”

With three fully equipped, 24/7, state-of-the-art ambulances, Darien has more EMS resources per capita than surrounding towns and rarely needs to call in back-up from outside of Darien.

RESPONSE INFORMATION - All response data is measured from the time the service is dispatched by CMED.

 Post 53 Call Statistics for January - March 2016 

  • Post 53 responded to 365 calls

  • The average lights and sirens response time for the first response ambulance in Darien was 5 minutes 31 seconds

  • There were 139 Stamford paramedic intercepts

  • The average paramedic response time was 9 minutes 58 seconds