In 1995, Darien EMS-Post 53 entered into a contract with Stamford Emergency Medical Services (SEMS) to provide paramedic intercept coverage for certain medical emergencies. As of October 2016, the Town entered into an agreement with SEMS to base a Stamford paramedic in Darien.

SEMS medics in Darien

The protocols for types of calls that require a paramedic are set by The Stamford Hospital and are in alignment with national protocols for paramedic responses. Trained medical dispatchers determine the need for a medic and dispatch them immediately if one is required based on national protocols.

For every call in Darien, we respond with an ambulance, a Supervisor EMT who responds in a fly car and, if needed, the Stamford medic based in Darien (or Norwalk paramedics if Stamford medics are all out on call).  By dispatching multiple vehicles from several locations simultaneously, we accomplish many things: we don't have to occupy the paramedic units on less critical calls, thus keeping them reserved for the true emergencies, and our response times are among the very best in the state.

Darien EMS does not charge for their services.  However, Stamford Emergency Medical Services is not a volunteer agency and must charge patients for their services.  As Darien EMS is the transporting ambulance (with the paramedic onboard) we are responsible for collecting the fee for the paramedic.  SEMS receives all of these fees.  Insurance companies, HMO's and Medicare require that the name of the transporting ambulance be on the bill (Post 53 when in Darien).  This money collected by Post 53 is given entirely to SEMS.