From their first day, members take on increasing levels of responsibility and are expected to earn the privilege of serving on the ambulance.

The Young Adults of Post 53 are guided by the founding principles of Trust, Dependability, Personal Integrity, Responsibility, Confidence, Pride, Professionalism and Love as well as their spirit of volunteerism to provide the excellence of service to the town of Darien.

Each year approximately 20 high school students, at least 14 years of age, are selected to be members of Post 53 from a large pool of applicants. Over the course of their four-year career at Post 53, members progress through five roles: Candidate, Radio Roomie, Rider, State-Certified EMT, and then Driver, usually by their senior year.

Post 53 members take academics very seriously; over 88% of Post 53’s young adults are on the honor roll at Darien High School.  In addition, they participate in music, theater and many different sports and clubs. 

Training and the personal ability to be a team player are the cornerstones of membership in Post 53. From their first day, members take on increasing levels of responsibility and are expected to earn the privilege of serving on the ambulance.