Conor Davey

Darien High School Junior
Post 53 Officer: Performance Review

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 5 12 29 PMConor Davey, a junior in Post, is one of the Performance Review officers this year. He is responsible for evaluating the performances of Post members with their involvement in the membership and gives them proper feedback to become better in their roles on the ambulance and in the organization. Conor meets with fellow performace review officer, Patrick Nelson, every week for half an hour to discuss and hear feedback from other members in the organization. He is at the stage of wrapping up his state exams to gain his EMT certification. Outside of Post 53, Conor is a very active student at Darien High School. He is a member of the Varsity baseball team at DHS along with playing soccer for the Blue Wave. In addition, he also writes for the school newspaper, "Neirad". Conor writes articles on the latest games and events for the Blue Wave Sports Blog while also adding the latest stories around the school to the online edition of Neirad. This is his second year as a member of Post and really enjoys volunteering his time on the ambulance. 



Mira Venkat

Darien High School Senior 
Post 53 Officer: Vice President of Training

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Senior Mira Venkat, Vice President of Training, is one of six seniors that leads the organization. The Role of Training includes organizing the first aid and EMT classes, regulating all training of fellow members, and organizing the presentations from other doctors and nurses. Mira is an honored Crew Chief, a position where she helps mentor new EMTs, and is also a Driver of the ambulances. She is well-respected and admired for her intelligence, compassion, and dedication. Outside of Post, Mira's favorite class is AP Biology where she also participates in Anatomy Club. Mira also shines outside of Post 53, demonstrated by her membership in the National Honors Society.