Thomas Ostberg - President

Thomas Ostberg is the President of Post 53. He is OIC meaning he is on call 24/7 and is on first or second response approximately 96 hours each week. In addition to his time on the ambulance, he handles all issues related to the membership. Thomas is one of six elected officers that lead the organization. Thomas is also responsible for handling any issues concerning the on duty crew, for example, if someone is not feeling well and needs to go home he will step in and cover if no one else is available. Outside of the organization, Thomas is a member of the varsity golf and squash team at the high school, and a member of the Tudor singers. He’s excited for a great year to come!

Tate Hanson - Vice President of Operations

Tate Hanson is the VP of Operations this year and couldn’t be more thrilled to be working alongside the membership for another year. Tate will be helping to maintain the ambulances and to train the upcoming drivers. One of his favorite parts of Post is the ability to put his skills to work to do good for the community, in a way that is so unique to Post 53. He also finds that the bonds that are formed between the members of the organization are the most special friendships any of us can come across. Outside of post, Tate is an employee at Danny’s Cycles in Darien, as well as the former senior patrol leader for Troop 53. Some of his favorite ways to spend his free time are tinkering with bikes and cars, camping and hiking with friends, and spending as much time outside as possible. Tate couldn’t be more excited for another great year with his Post family and is excited to see what the year will bring!

Veda Malhotra - Vice President of Training

Veda Malhotra is the VP of Training at Post 53 this year and is most excited to run the first aid classes for the incoming freshmen! Veda loves the patient care aspect of Post and also the bonds with her fellow crew members. Outside of Post, Veda is a figure skater and focuses her time on her academics. Veda has been ice skating since she was nine years old and has won two synchronized skating national championships. In school, Veda's favorite subjects are English and Science and she spends a lot of time running the iGEM science club. Lastly, Veda's favorite hobby is sewing. When she has free time she likes to "upcycle" her old clothes and create new pieces using her sewing machine! Veda is thrilled to be training this year and can't wait for classes to be in full swing!

Kelsey Olvany - Vice President of Student Affairs

Kelsey Olvany is the VP of Student Affairs for the 2020-21 year and is eager to have an amazing year with everyone. She has a goofy, fun-loving spirit, and one of her favorite things to do is laugh. Kelsey loves to be creative and has a passion for helping others. Outside of Post, Kelsey is a member of the girls varsity swim team at the high school and has been swimming her entire life. She is also part of her church's youth group as well as a variety of other programs that allow her to connect with people and make a positive impact on others. Some of her favorite things include watching sunsets with her friends, going to country concerts, having barbecues, and going on boat rides in the summer. Kelsey’s role as the VP of Student Affairs is to plan all the activities and events with Post 53, which are designed for community outreach, fundraising, and team building. Kelsey wants to ensure that all of the grades are bonded well and can work smoothly and efficiently. She aims to be an exemplary role model who represents not only Post 53, but the greater community.

Ryan Plank - Vice President of Administration

Ryan Plank is the VP of Administration at Post 53. As the VP of Administration, he is responsible for recording all student membership meetings, tracking attendance at training sessions, and regularly updating the member database and website. In addition, his office is responsible for maintaining the organization chart in the organization and updating any changes throughout the year. His favorite subject in school is history. He is a part of the Blue Wave Football team and the Blue Wave Baseball team. He is an offensive lineman for the football team and he plays first base for the baseball team. He has three older brothers and one younger sister. He is also a part of the Noroton Heights Fire Department with two of his brothers and his father. He is a New York Yankees, New York Rangers, and Miami Dolphins fan. He loves going to watch these teams live in person whenever he gets the chance. Ryan’s dream job would be to be a firefighter for the City of New York and to continue his passion of serving the community.

Sally Boucher - Vice President of Finances

Sally is the VP of Finance this year and cannot wait to work on some of the behind the scene action here at Post. As VP of Finance she works to create financial reports, send out checks, and keep track of all Post’s income and expenses. This year she is also helping with Rider Training to help prepare the freshman at Post to work on the ambulance. Sally loves working closely with her peers on and off the ambulance and is grateful for the amazing family that she has here. Outside of Post, Sally loves running and is a three season varsity athlete on both the track and cross-country teams.  Sally also spends time volunteering with clubs such as respect works and safe rides. Sally loves running outdoors and hanging out with friends and family.  She can’t wait for the year ahead.