Darien High School Seniors

Christian VP training

Christian Ostberg

Senior Christian Ostberg, President, is one of the six seniors that lead the organization. Christian is an honored Crew Chief, a position in which he helps mentor new EMTs, and is also a Driver of the ambulances. He is a BLS-Instructor who has trained upwards of 500 people in CPR and defibrillation techniques. Christian is also 3-year captain of the Darien High School Varsity Golf team and holds a +1.3 handicap index. Christian hopes to use his experiences with Post 53 to propel him into a career in medicine at Stanford University.


Ellie CushEllie Cush

Senior Ellie Cush, Crews officer, is in her third year of being a member of Post 53. She is a Crew Chief and a driver. Outside of Post, she is the Co-President of the Depot Student Governing Board and mentors rising freshman in the DHS Link club creating a safer school community. Ellie also is a leader of the DHS Unite for Africa Club. She is looking forward to attending nursing school in the fall of 2016 to advance her medical studies.



Darien High School Juniors


Ellen Ferguson

Junior Ellen Ferguson, Community Relations Officer, organizes providing EMTs to stand by for sporting events including High School football and ice hockey games, Challenger Games, Darien Junior Football Games, and community events such as the Darien Road Race, ITP Triathlon, and Ox Ridge Horse Show. She is also one of our B-EMTs on the ambulance who has excelled as an EMT and now mentors the Posties currently in EMT class. She is a BLS-Instructor who teaches CPR to the community and fellow Posties in training. Outside of Post, Ellen is on the Depot Student Governing Board and serves as the social media chair for the Youth Center.



Ryan GiffordScreen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.55.33 PM

Junior Ryan Gifford, Quality Assurance Officer, reads over all reports written of Darien EMS calls to find any errors before they are passed onto the state. Ryan also serves as a B-EMT on the ambulance, being on with newer EMTs and in-training EMT Xtras. He is a BLS-Instructor who teaches CPR to the community and fellow Posties in training. Outside of Post, Ryan is a mentor for incoming students at Darien High School with the Link Club.



Darien High School Sophomores

Gillian RiordanGillian R

Sophomore Gillian Riordan will finish her EMT training this Spring. As a younger member of Post 53, Gillian serves as Assistant to CPR Coordinator, helping the upperclassmen with anything they need as she learns the ropes of the job. Gillian is currently an Xtra on the ambulance, watching older crew members provide patient care while assisting them with any thing they need on calls. Outside of Post, Gillian shoots rifles competitively and practices 3 times a week! She is a national champion in her category and loves to shoot with her team. Gillian is looking forward to becoming an EMT and getting more involved in what the organization has to offer.